freshwater shrimps of genus caridina, neocaridina and paracardina, thanks to the increasing trend of nano aquariums, are having  exponential diffusion, attracting the interest of major companies in the aquarium industry, which in the wake of this trend have started to produce their own dedicated lines.

after the great success obtained during the second edition of the european shrimps contest, which also involved several asian breeders, we decided to give continuity to the event, which this year, like last, will be housed within the petfestival, the largest aquarium trade show   in Italy.

thanks to the extension of the fair to other pets (hence the name petfestival), a bigger exhibition area (more than 5,000 square meters dedicated to aquarium only), improved quality and aesthetics and a higher advertising investment is expected an higher flow of visitors  (last year there were over 25,000), that will improve the visibility of the event and our hobby.

the company promoting   the event is shrimpsandmosses, which, under the new management (january 2014) offers through the onlineshop one of the largest assortments of shrimp and related products in italy.