conditions of enrolment

the competition is open to all, each participant must register his shrimp in one of the categories below.


  1) caridina cf. cantonensis red bee from a to s
  2) caridina cf. cantonensis black bee from a to s
  3) caridina cf. cantonensis red bee from ss to sss
  4) caridina cf. cantonensis black bee from ss to sss
  5) caridina cf. cantonensis red tiger / blue Tiger
  6) caridina cf. cantonensis solid tiger (black tiger, royal blue)
  7) caridina cf. cantonensis taiwan bee (king kong, panda,red wine, etc)
  8) caridina cf. cantonensis snow white / golden and taiwan bee red/blue bolt
  9) caridina cf. cantonensis other stable varieties (super red, white bee, spotted, pinto)
10) caridina cf. cantonensis other unstable varieties  (tigerbee, taitibee and other crossings)
11)  neocaridina davidi solid red (bloodymary, sakura, cherry, fire)
12)  neocaridina davidi solid yellow (yellow fire, yellow fire neon)
13)  neocaridina davidi other solid varieties (chocolate, orange, blue, black, etc)
14) neocaridina davidi rili (yellow, red, orange, charbon, etc)

number of shrimps per group

the set consists in a minimum of 3 shrimps and a maximum of 6.
at the time of evaluation by the judges, set with less than 3 shrimps will be automatically excluded from the championship. the organizers accept no responsibility for any accidents (death of shrimps or other) during the course of the competition.

tanks in competition

tanks will be assigned in the order of entry for each category. each set of shrimp should be handed to the organizers in individual bags with the following written information: category, variety and grade (where possible). write the information legibly with a waterproof pen, the participant's name mustn't be written on the bag. the bag will be opened only under the supervision of the organizers. if you want to attend the championship but you live abroad and/or do not have the possibility to deliver them personally or have the possibility to deliver them by a trusted person, please contact us to find the best solution.
the organizers will take care to check that sended shrimp correspond to the categories listed on the bags, so we reserve the right to reassign them to the right category. if the participant disagrees with the decision taken by the organizers, inscription cost will not be refunded in any case and the set will be excluded from competition


judges from different countries, will be appointed by the organizers who will assign the related categories. each category will be judged by two judges, they can't judge groups in which they, or other family members, participate.

methods of judgment

the judgment will be conducted according to the following judgement criteria
the set with the highest score (sum of points obtained in the evaluation) will be the winner of the category. Prizes will be awarded to the top three in each category, the best in show and the pubblic favourite. best in show will bee chosen form the first place of all category. In the event of a tie, the organizers will decide the winner.
during the evaluation, will be denied access to visitors in the league's area for a minimum of two hours. the winners will be published during 17 october's 2015 night and the award ceremony will be held at the end of group dinner.


the cost for each set of shrimp are the following:
- 20 euro if the set of shrimps will be take back home after the championship
- free if the set of shrimps will be left in auction (50% revenue goes to organizers and 50% to breeder if unsold shrimps goes to organizers)
- free if the set of shrimps will not be left in acution but will be sold directly by the breeder at a price to be fixed at the time of registration (if the shrimps will be sold 50% revenue goes to organizers and 50% to breeder, if unsold shrimps goes to oraganizers)

registration fee must be paid by bank transfer or paypal and received no later than 30/09/2015

time limits

the sets in competition must be delivered no later than 14.00 a.m. on the 16 october 2015. we cannot assure the admission to the contest for those sets delivered later than this deadline.
the registration deadline is set for the 30/09/2015. if the number of sets presented exceeded the maximum number, we reserve the right to close registrations before the mentioned deadline.


the tanks have water, lighting, filtration, and substrate for the type of shrimp hosted. If you decide to bring your water, you just have to specify it at the registration time.

end of competition, direct sale and auction

the competition ends 18 october at 14.00, followed by auction at 15.00 .

the starting price of each set will be determinate based on the characteristic of the animals, the proceeds will be divided as follows:
if sold 50% of the amount will be given to the participant while the remaining 50%  to the organizers to cover part of the huge costs incurred, if unsold shrimps goes to organizers.
the payment method of the amount to be paid to the participant, have to  be chosen during the registration.

besides the possibility to sell their own animals at auction, there is a chance for breeders to sell directly their animals without putting them up for auction, in this case they must declare the sale value of the shrimp at the registration, if the shrimp will be sold, 50% of the declared value at the time of registration will  go to the organizers, if the shrimps will remain unsold they goes to organizers.

all animals can not be withdrawn before the end of the competition